Friday, August 22, 2014

Genius Files from Texas with Love by: Dan Gutman

This is my friend Dylan.  He is today's Friday Friend...

In this book, the fourth book of the Genius Files series, Genius Files From Texas With Love by Dan Gutman, Coke and Pepsi McDonald are still being chased and someone continues to try to kill them.  They are returning from their aunt's wedding in a corvette because their RV exploded from fireworks and caught everything they had on fire.  They are being chased by a Dr. Warsaw robot (Doominator).  Coke was almost run over by a motorcycle, put into a drier, a cow was dropped almost landing on his head.  Coke and Pepsi were kidnapped and put in a boat where they were swarmed by bats.  Sleeping powder was put in their bowling shoes which knocked them out when bowling balls began being thrown at them!  They were left in the heat of a vapor cabinet and thrown into a Snickers machine.  It is one thing after another for these twins.  At the end, something came to take Coke and Pepsi, I think it could be a UFO.  We will have to wait for book #5 to find out.  I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too.

Thank you, Dylan, for your review.  I'm glad you enjoyed this book.  I have read book #1 in the series and thought it was great.  With twins named Coke and Pepsi McDonald anything can (and does) happen.

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