Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The School is Alive by: Jack Chabert

Many of us are beginning another school year and this is just the book you may want to read as school begins.  The School is Alive is the first book in the new series Eerie Elementary written by Jack Chabert.  It is a fun story that I am sure all students who are just beginning to read chapter books will enjoy.  There are many illustrations which is just what those beginning readers want.

Sam is the new hall monitor and he isn't too excited about his new responsibilities.  Especially as he begins to see some strange things going on at school, beginning with the quicksand he steps into on the playground his first day on the job!  Mr. Nekobi, the school's custodian is there to rescue Sam from the quicksand and he will be there to teach Sam more about the responsibilities of being a hall monitor.  You see, the school is alive and it will be up to Sam to save not only his friends but all the students and their parents on the night of the school play.

After reading this book go and enjoy a play at your local school.

Happy Daily Reading

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