Thursday, August 28, 2014

Number One Sam by: Greg Pizzoli

Like most of us, Sam loves winning.   In Greg Pizzoli's book Number One Sam, he is the fastest and best race car driver there is!  However, one day he loses a race and he isn't sure his life will ever be the same. On the day of the next race, he is very nervous.  He wonders whether he can win and be number one once again.  He is so nervous he misses the starting flag and starts in last place!  Sam, with his great racing talent, soon finds himself in the lead.  That is, until he spots trouble ahead.  What will he do now?

You will love the ending of this story and your children will win when they learn how important it is to be kind and support their friends.  They will also learn it is not necessarily to win every race.

After reading this book, play a few games with family and friends.  See if you will insist on winning, or whether having fun is more important.

Happy Daily Reading

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