Friday, August 1, 2014

Rufus Goes to School by: Kim T. Griswell

I picked up this read-aloud book from my public library and I loved the story of Rufus and his desire to attend school.  In my area of the country, school starts the beginning of August.  I am sure there are parents out there that would love to read this to their children before the next school year begins.

Author Kim T. Griswell has created a lovable character in a pig named Rufus.  In the book Rufus Goes to School he really wants to attend school so that he can learn to read.  He loves books and looks at them often, he just doesn't know what the words say.  He gets a backpack and heads off to school where the principal tells him that pigs are not allowed in school because pigs track in mud and start food fights.  Rufus is determined.  He returns the next day with his backpack and a lunchbox and again the principal sends him home. Rufus continues in his quest for knowledge and once the principal learns the real reason Rufus wants to attend school he is allowed into a classroom.  It is here that Rufus learns and he especially loves story time.

School might seem scary for some children and others cannot wait to begin school, just like Rufus.  Either way, take the time to share with your children your own school experiences as they begin a new school year.

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