Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Pet Book by: Bob Staake

Do you have a desire to have a pet?  Do you want a pet that is easy to take care of?  This may be just the right book for you, a pet book!

Author and illustrator Bob Staake has created a wonderful read aloud book with his My Pet Book.  A young boy in Smartytown wants a pet that is easy to take care of as he doesn't like puppies and he sneezes at cats.  His parents tell him that a pet book would be perfect, so they head to the bookstore to find him one.  He finds a red hardcover book that makes the perfect pet book for him.  He loves that the book doesn't need to eat and he enjoys taking the book for walks.  The best part is the stories inside the book.   He imagines himself being inside the stories.   One day his book is missing!  Who ever heard of a book that runs away?  Will he ever find his beloved pet book again?

This is a great story that the entire family will enjoy.  After reading this story take your own pet for a walk, or go and buy yourself your own pet book!

Happy Daily Reading

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