Saturday, August 27, 2016

Going Wild by: Lisa McMann

One month from today on September 27, 2016, I high recommend that you go to a bookstore and buy this book!  I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Readers Edition and I know you will enjoy this new book series from author Lisa McMann Going Wild is the first of trilogy which will keep you up late at night turning page after page to see what happens next.  This is one exciting adventure.

Charlie and her family move from Chicago Illinois to Navarro Junction Arizona right before the beginning of a new school year.  Charlie isn't sure that this small town will be as much fun as Chicago was because in Chicago she had friends and soccer.  On the day of the move an anonymous package arrives that says "Charlie, you will know what to do".  Charlie just throws the package into the moving van with the rest of her things and doesn't think about it until unpacking a few days later.  When she opens the package she finds a strange looking bracelet.  She wears the bracelet and when she tries out for the school soccer team she is suddenly running VERY fast.  She isn't sure why she was able to run so fast but is thrilled when she makes the team and makes new friends.

One day running into class just a bit late she notices increased strength.  She cannot explain what is happening and she cannot remove the bracelet either.  As she goes through the first few months of  school a few different things begin to happen to her, once when she is angry she accidentally damages a school bathroom!  Her new friends try to help her remove the bracelet and to try to figure out why Charlie has these super powers that seem to be out of control.  Charlie is never sure when the powers will begin to work.  As her friends help her she begins to see the patterns that help her use the bracelet to her advantage.

Her powers are noticed by the wrong people and when a friend is kidnapped she is soon on the chase to rescue him.  As he is rescued a handful of other bracelets are found.  Her friends are excited to see what these other bracelets will do and it looks like Charlie's family is in danger.  Will she be able to help her family?

This is a great story that will keep your interest from the very first page.  There are lots of soccer references as Charlie is a good player with or without the bracelet.  Many of Charlie's school experiences are those that we all face in school.  We are also entertained by comics and superheroes throughout the story.  I am sure all readers grades 4 and up will love this new series. I don't want to give away too much information but after you read this book I would recommend a visit to your local zoo.

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