Monday, August 8, 2016

School's First Day of School by: Adam Rex

A new school has been built in a town and it is very nervous about having children come through her doors.  Author Adam Rex captures the emotion of being nervous when doing something for the first time perfectly in his new book School's First Day of School.

School's only friend after being built is Janitor and that is just fine with school.  Janitor takes the time each day to clean the building and visit with school.  When Janitor tells school that teachers and students will be coming soon School is very nervous.  At first School is happy seeing so many children but when a few students say they they hate school and one girl cries as she enters school which makes school feel bad. School accidentally sets off the fire alarm and feels very sorry.  Can school make it through day one?  Will the children return to school?  When Janitor and school visit at the end of the first day School is hopeful that they will return.

I really liked this book and will be reading it the first week of school to my own students.  I like how the school is experiencing the feelings that most of us feel on the first day of school.  I know you and your child will also like this book, especially if you have a child that is attending school for the very first time.

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