Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Roller Girl by: Victoria Jamieson

Another Graphic Novel (Comic Book Style) that surprised me at how much I enjoyed the story.  This isn't just a "picture" book it is a story that we can all relate to.  It is also a 2016 Newbery Honor book.  You will want to read this book very soon.

Roller Girl is the first book by author/illustrator Victoria Jamieson and I am looking forward to more books by her after reading Roller Girl.  Astrid and Nicole have been friends since the first grade but as they enter the summer before Junior High things begin to change.  When Astrid's mom takes the girls to a Roller Derby game Astrid is thrilled and cannot wait to begin a Roller Derby summer camp.  She is sure Nicole will join her at this camp.  However, Nicole has other plans, she wants to attend Dance summer camp.  As each girl begins to make new friends doing their new interests they begin to not get along like they used to.  Will their friendship survive the summer and Junior High?

This book will show the ups and downs of friendship and you will learn about the sport of Roller Derby.  Astrid loves the game but learns that it is harder than she thought.  Through hard work and lots of practice her skills become better and I'm sure she will continue playing the sport she loves.

Thank you, Victoria Jamieson for helping me see how wonderful a graphic novel can be for all readers.

After reading this book go out and roller skate!

Happy Daily Reading

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