Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Return BOOK TWO: Legacy of Secrets by: Ridley Pearson

Book one in Ridley Pearson's newest series ended with a cliff hanger so I had to read book two as soon as I could.  The Legacy of Secrets picks up where Disney Lands ended and it didn't disappoint this reader.  I loved it and I look forward to book three!

Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Willa and Philby (all who are DHIs) find themselves in the Disneyland park on opening day 1955.  They are there to retrieve a fountain pen owned by Walt Disney but soon find themselves working with a young Wayne the man who creates the DHIs in present day.  An old Hotel that reminds them of the Tower of Terror seems to be headquarters of what will become the Overtakers.  Finn tries to find a way to stop the Overtakers before they begin but what will that mean to their own futures?

The DHIs encounter a few problems because of the lack of technology of the 1950s and this causes a few problems as they work to find Walt's pen.  They do their best to blend into the guests at the park but find that hard to do.  Some of their adventures become quite dangerous.  Will they ever be able to complete their task?  It is an important task as it will save all of the Disney parks.

In the present time Jess and Amanda are attending imagineering school and are trying to find a way to bring their friends back to the present.  Jess and Amanda work with a few new friends and begin to figure out who is responsible for the creation of the Overtakers.  When Finn is able to send a message to Amanda and Jess through time the girls work on finding as much information as they can without getting caught and losing their place in the school.  They also must find a way to communicate with Finn.  They are able to find a way to communicate but can they also save their friends?

This is one action packed story that will have you staying up late turning page after page.  I think any fan of Disney will love this book but if you like adventure you will love it too.

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