Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Grimm Warning by: Chris Colfer

Author Chris Colfer has written a great story with this book A Grimm Warning.  Twins Conner and Alex Bailey need to work together to save the Land of Stories.  How can they do this when they are living in two different worlds?

Alex is living in the Land of Stories, being trained to become the next fairy Godmother by her grandmother who is the current fairy Godmother.  Conner is headed to Germany on a school field trip.  He will be able to visit the graves of his distant relatives, the famous Brothers Grimm.  He is with a teacher and a few students and plan to attend a ceremony at the graves of the Brothers Grimm.  Three newly discovered Grimm tales are going to be read at the ceremony.  During the reading of the last story, Conner realizes the story is actually a secret message directed to him.  He learns from the message that he must travel to the Land of Stories before the land is destroyed.

Conner manages to leave the field trip group with his friend Bree.  Together they travel around Europe looking for a portal to get to the Land of Stories.  There is a French army that has been stuck in the portal for 200 years.  If the portal is opened, the army will conquer the Land of Stories.  Conner and Bree must get there first to help prepare the kingdoms for war.  Along their way, they meet a remarkable young boy named  Emmerich, who helps them in their quest to find and enter the portal.

Alex is almost finished with her training in the Land of Stories.  There will be a ceremony in which she officially becomes a member of the fairy council.  Passing her tests before the ceremony is making her very nervous.  She begins to spend more time in the Red kingdom receiving encouragement from her friend Red Riding Hood.  While visiting Red they learn that Little Bo Beep wants to be queen of the Red kingdom and she has challenged Red to run in an election.  Will Alex be able to help Red and be ready for her ceremony?  Alex learns that Little Bo Beep has an evil acquaintance who is helping her take over Red's kingdom and she is trying to figure out who that is when Conner and friends arrive with news of the invasion.

Alex and Conner are able to get the Royals, the Fairies, the Elves and the Trolls to work together to fight against this army.  Will they succeed and be able to have peace and happily ever afters in the land once again?  Does Conner have magic ability too?  In runs in their family and Alex is sure Conner can learn to use magic just as she does.  It just might be necessary to save the kingdoms in the Land of Stories.

I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too.  If you like fairy tales you will love this book.  It wasn't until I began reading that I realized this is volume 3 in the Land of Stories series.  You will want to read all the books in the series.

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