Tuesday, September 2, 2014

R is for Robot A Noisy Alphabet by: Adam F. Watkins

Who knew the alphabet could be so noisy?  Author Adam F. Watkins in his book R is for Robot knew that it would be noisy for these adorable robots to assemble the alphabet.  Each letter has its own unique sound, and lets that sound be heard as it is being put in it proper order in the alphabet.  I love ABC books and this is one read-aloud that I am sure children will love because of the new describing words they will be exposed to with each of the letters.

This is the first picture book that Adam F. Watkins both wrote and illustrated.  He has always been a fan of robots and I'm sure you will love his illustrations of the robots in this story.

After reading this book, make up your own ABC story.  Maybe make up ABC's of your day today!

Happy Daily Reading

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