Friday, September 26, 2014

Dragon Slippers by: Jessica Day George

I am happy to have Evelyn visiting again as my Friday Friend.

I recently read the book Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George.  This book is the first book in the Dragon Adventure series and is about a girl named Creelisel Carlbrun. Creelisel lives with her brother, aunt, uncle, and eight cousins because her mom and dad died from a fever. The family was really poor so her aunt came up with a plan to get rich.  Creelisel’s brother and cousins throw coal at the dragon, Theordus, while Creelisel waited.  When the dragon appeared, her aunt mouthed the words of what she should say.  The dragon took Creelisel into his cave.  They made a deal that Creelisel will stop a prince that is going to save her and she can have something from his hoard.  So she left the cave and stopped the prince and said to him “Go tell my family that I’m all right and I’m going to the King’s Seat to find work.” Since she kept her part of the deal, she chose a pair of magic dragon skin shoes.  Creelisel went to the King’s Seat to find work; she found work at the best sewing shop in that city.  But she barely gets paid.  That is when she meets Luka who is a prince.  One of the girls that Creelisel works with tries on her shoes. The girl figures out that her shoes are magical and she shares this information with a princess from another country. They steal her shoes and a dragon war starts. That’s when Creelisel find out her shoes are magical. 
I really enjoyed reading Dragon Slippers and especially liked the part with the dragon war because when I read this part of the book I visualized dragons making fire.  I also liked Shardas, the king of dragons because of how he met and saved Creelisel.  I loved this book so much I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to read the next book Dragon Flight.  If you enjoy reading about princesses Jessica Day George has two other series that are totally awesome. The first series is the Twelve Dancing Princesses and the second is Tuesdays at the Castle.  

Thank you, Evelyn.
Happy Daily Reading

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