Sunday, September 21, 2014

Island of Legends by: Lisa McMann

Volume 4 of The Unwanteds series does not disappoint.  Author Lisa McMann in Island of Legends takes us back to Artime and Quill where twins Alex and Aaron are still learning and growing into their roles as leaders.

Alex, as the mage of Artime, is learning to use his magic more efficiently.  He works at creating a new creature and is sure he has failed as the creature seems to die as soon as it comes alive.  However, don't lose your faith in Alex's powers as his new creature will surprise you along with Alex.  Alex gets a few of his friends to go with him to Pirate Island to save Sky's mother.  It is a tricky rescue since this island is a volcano that will sometimes disappear from sight.  Can they rescue her mother before it goes underwater once again?  Alex and his friends meet other sea creatures on this adventure, some nice and some very mean.  They also decide to head out and visit another island, meeting more amazing creatures and making new friends.

Aaron is pleased to be the new High Priest in Quill and wants to get the remaining residents of Quill to see Artime as a threat that must be eliminated.  Aaron discovers a hidden jungle on the island where animals live that Mr. Today had created that didn't really turn out as well as expected.  Aaron pretends to be Alex, gaining the trust of these creatures and he uses one to begin his attack on Artime.  Aaron is also rebuilding his governing board but can he really trust these people?

I loved this book in The Unwanteds series.  I have enjoyed all of the books but this one I couldn't put  down.  I know you will enjoy this book as well as the others in the series.

After reading this book take some time to create some new creatures of your own.  Because that is what an "unwanted" would do.

Happy Daily Reading

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