Monday, September 29, 2014

Millhouse by: Natale Ghent

Millhouse is a guinea pig whose story you won't soon forget.  Author Natale Ghent has written a wonderful story about a hairless guinea pig named Millhouse, Milly is the name he prefers.

Milly loves the theater and when is is left at an old, hardly visited pet shop he is sure he will never get to the theater again.  He acts out many plays for the mice who appreciate him.  However, he has a ferret who wants to eat him and the other guinea pigs want nothing to do with him.  How can he ever get out of the pet shop, and will he ever get to the theater again?  You will be surprised to find out who is willing to help Milly make his dreams come true.  It is such a sweet ending to a book that you just may want to go out and buy yourself a cute guinea pig of your own!

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