Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Numberlys by: William Joyce & Christina Ellis

Imagine a world with only numbers, that is just what authors William Joyce and Christina Ellis have done in their new book The Numberlys.

Everything is ordinary and orderly in the land of the Numberlys until one day 5 friends decide that something different is needed.  They begin to build.  At first, it was awful but they kept on working and amazing things began to happen.  First there are letters and then colors.  The world becomes an amazing place!  The Numberlys see and experience things they have never done before.

Children will love this book as they see the letters being created.  It is different because you hold the book vertically instead of horizontally which makes for wonderful illustrations that keep children's attention.

After reading this story, go out and build something new for yourself.

Happy Daily Reading

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