Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Absolutely Almost by: Lisa Graff

Albie is a fifth grader whose life is upside down.  He has just moved, is starting a new school, dealing with a new nanny and trying to figure out where he belongs.  Lisa Graff's Absolutely Almost is a book may readers will able to relate to since we all have had those moments in life when we feel almost good enough.

Albie struggles in school with friendships and with academics.  At his new school, he is excited to attend Math Club where he doesn't have to do real math, at least he doesn't think he is doing math.  He makes a new friend at school who, like Albie, doesn't quite fit in at school.  When Albie's neighbor and friend begins a reality show with his family Albie really is left out.  When he is at his friends house he is labeled as the "no release" child so his face is blurred when it appears on TV.

With the help of his new nanny, Calista, Albie is able to find his own talents and strengths.  He learns that being kind to others is more important that trying to be cool.  He is able to make friends at a variety of places in his neighborhood.  The biggest change in Albie's life is that he finally begins to get the attention of his own parents.  I think there is a little bit of Albie in all of us and I'm sure you will enjoy this story.

After reading this book, go and eat a donut!

Happy Daily Reading!

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