Monday, October 27, 2014

Blast to the Past LINCOLN'S LEGACY by: Stacia Deutsch & Rhody Cohon

Authors Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon have written a great time travel book in the first of their series Blast to the Past, Lincoln's Legacy.  Mr. Caruthers begins his elementary school lessons every Monday with a question "What if...?".  This week he asks "What if Abraham Lincoln quit and never issued the Emancipation Proclamation?"  Students are asked this question and they talk about what the United States might be like today if that event had never happened.  Four students are asked to come after school to Mr. Caruthers' class and it is then that they are able to travel back in time and meet Abraham Lincoln.

The Civil War isn't going well and Lincoln isn't sure he should give his Emancipation Proclamation.  The students  help convince him that he is doing the right thing and that he must move forward even if he thinks the Union might lose the war.  The students return to school and cannot wait for next Monday, when they once again have the opportunity to answer "What if...?"

Fans of Magic Tree House books will enjoy this series.  At the end of the stor, the authors tell the reader about the historical facts in the story.  I enjoyed learning a little bit of history through the eyes of these four young students.
Stacia Deutsch and me

After reading this book go and read more about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

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