Monday, October 13, 2014

The Book With No Pictures by: B.J. Novak

I've been reading this book to a few of my classes this past week.   They are a bit concerned when they hear the title "A Book With No Pictures" but it takes just a few pages before they absolutely love the story.   I think The Book With No Pictures is my new favorite read-aloud book.

B.J. Novak has written an entertaining book, The Book With No Pictures.  It's true, the book does not  have any pictures, but it has the reader doing some funny things!  The rules of reading this book are that the reader has to say the words that are written on the page no matter what. you turn each page you, the reader, end up saying some very funny things.  Pay attention, or you just might miss out on the giggles!

After reading this book take some time and make up some of your own nonsense words.

Happy Daily Reading

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