Friday, October 31, 2014

Scary School by: Derek Taylor Kent AKA Derek the Ghost

I had the opportunity to meet Derek the Ghost, AKA Derek Taylor Kent and after our meeting I could not wait to read his book Scary School.  With all the wacky teachers and students at Scary School I couldn't help but think that fans of Sideways Stories From a Wayside School will also like this book.

Scary School is the first school of its kind.  It allows monsters and humans to attend the same school at the same time.  Charles, the new kid is in for some surprises on his first day of school.  He learns that one must cross the moat to gain entrance to the school.  He also notices that none of the other students are wearing the school uniform.  Students in Dr. Dragonbreath's class need to follow all of his rules or else they will be eaten.  If you get sent to Nurse Hairymoles look out, she will cure you of what you have but then you might end up with something worse.

There are those in the monster world that do not like humans interacting with monsters and will do whatever they can to close Scary School forever.  At the end of the school year a very special event, The Ghoul Games will take place at Scary School.  Contestants can choose any event they want to participate in the Ghoul Games.  However, if you lose the game your opponent can eat you!?  Will Scary School be able to stay open?  Can monsters and humans really be friends?

This is a book that you will enjoy anytime of the year, but especially now, during Halloween.  It will have you laughing on every page and you will look forward to the next in the series.

After reading this book write a thank you note to your teacher, for not eating you!

Happy Daily Reading
Me and author "Derek the Ghost"

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