Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Summer I Saved The World in 65 Days by: Michele Weber Hurwitz

I could not put down Michele Weber Hurwitz's newest book The Summer I Saved The World In 65 Days.  It is a wonderful story about doing good just because it is the right thing to do.  I think this will be a book that you will never forget.

It is the summer before High School for Nina and her friends.  She lives in a cul-de-sac with the same 7 families she has known her entire life.  Nina was very close to her grandmother and it has been one year since her grandmother's death.  Nina thinks of her grandmother all of the time and tries to live as her grandmother did.  Things are changing with some of the families on her street, so Nina decides to do anonymous good deeds for the people on her street.  She does one good deed everyday of her summer vacation.  As she begins doing these things, one neighbor suspects there is a ghost in the neighborhood doing mischief.  The neighbor begins to be on the lookout with her pet dog.  When her dog gets hurt, she is even more convinced something bad is going on and the police and ghost hunters are called.  It is too bad she doesn't see that all the "mischief" is really just helpful things for each person.  Will Nina be able to continue doing her deeds in secret?

Along with all of this, Nina and her friends are growing up and changing as well.  Her best friend is now into flirting and clothes.  Nina isn't into that and is very surprised to see that the boy next store is suddenly so cute?!   There are a lot of books out there about growing up and maturing but I think this one is the best!

After reading this book go out and do some good deeds of your own.

Happy Daily Reading


  1. My daughter loved this book! Wish more people would right books like this!!

    1. I agree, Kristy, this book was so great. Try "someone on this bus is going to be famous" I think Sophia would like it too