Monday, October 6, 2014

All Four Stars by: Tara Dairman

Author Tara Dairman will leave you wanting to eat at a four star restaurant after reading her first novel All Four Stars.

Eleven-year-old Gladys loves food, especially gourmet food.  She has been cooking since the age of seven and she has become a great cook.  Unlike her parents who only serve take out or microwave meals.  When a cooking accident causes the kitchen curtains to go up in flames, Gladys is no longer allowed in the kitchen.  She must survive on what her parents believe are good meals.  Cooking is her passion and she is unsure what to do now that she is no longer allowed to cook.

This is when Ms. Quincy, her new teacher, announces an essay contest for the biggest newspaper in New York City.  Ms. Quincy wants each student to write about what they want to be when they grow up.  Gladys is convinced she should not write about cooking, since her parents no longer allow her to cook.  Gladys turns in an essay about becoming a veterinarian, but her teacher sees right through that ruse.  She makes Gladys write another essay.  Gladys decides to write about becoming a food critic.  Her essay wins at her school and is sent to the newspaper.  However, there is a mix up at the newspaper and when Gladys hears from the newspaper it isn't because she won the essay contest they believe she is an adult and they want her to review a new dessert restaurant in New York City.  How is an eleven-year-old going to get to New York without any parents?  Will she be able to actually get into the restaurant?  With the help of friends she is able to come up with a plan that will have you turning page after page to see if Gladys' dream comes true.

After reading All Four Stars do some baking of your own or write a restaurant review for your favorite restaurant.

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