Friday, May 20, 2016

Echo by: Pam Munoz Ryan

This is one amazing Pam Munoz Ryan's Echo is a book you will enjoy reading and one you won't forget.

An enchanted harmonica brings happiness to a boy in Germany, another in Pennsylvania and a young girl in California.  The owners are not only living in different areas of the world they are decades apart in ages.  Each individual's story of obtaining the harmonica is interesting.  It becomes a blessing to each family helping all of them obtain their dreams and finding happiness.  As you continue reading each individual story you really come to love each character and his/her family.  Everyone of them has hardships that they must endure.  The harmonica is what gives them peace.  Can the gift of music really change a life?

The three children grow and as adults they come together one very special night.  You just might find a tear in your eye, I did, as you read about this night. You will be amazed at how the harmonica  changed their lives for the best.

I know you will love this Newbery Honor book.  Buy this book or find it at your public library quickly!  After reading this book you might want to learn how to play a harmonica.

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