Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Real Boy by: Anne Ursu

The Real Boy by Anne Ursu was a book I enjoyed reading and I'm sure you will too.

Oscar, an orphan, has been living with the Barrow Village's magician for a few years.  He spends his days alone working in the basement with herbs for the magician to use.  Oscar likes to be alone, he is unsure how to act around people.  He is very happy working with the plants and talking with his pet cats.  Wolf is the apprentice to the magician and makes Oscar's life miserable.  Oscar does his best to stay away from people, especially Wolf.  When the magician leaves on a trip Wolf decides to explore where he shouldn't and is found dead the next day.  Oscar finds himself alone in the magician's shop and he does his best to meet customer's needs.  When he finds damage to the herb garden in the woods he begins to worry about his future.

Callie is the apprentice for the Barrow Village's healer and she too has been left alone to run the healer's shop.  It isn't a good time for her to be running things because the children of Asteri are becoming ill, something that has never happened before.  Callie comes to the magician's shop to find herbs to help her try to cure some of the children.  When she sees Oscar struggling to run the shop she steps in to help him.  Soon Oscar and Callie are doing all they can together to figure out what has happened to the children and to their home in the woods.

This is a story you will not soon forget.  It has magic, friendship, adventure, etc...I know you will come to love Oscar and cheer for his success.

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