Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bounce, Stretch, and Wiggle by: Doreen Cronin

These three books might be books that you have already read but I just discovered them and shared them with my younger students.  We all fell in love with these stories and had a fun time wiggling and stretching with the dog who stars in the stories.  Thank you Doreen Cronin for writing these books, Bounce, Stretch, and Wiggle.  I love them all and plan on giving these as gifts to many of my young reader friends.

As you read these alone or with your child you will have a fun time getting up and moving.  These books make reading more than just a sitting activity.

Happy Daily Reading


  1. I read Stretch with my mama. This is a good book for all kids. I saw a real peacock feather like the one in the book. I did not like the boat in the dark because I am afraid of being on a boat in the dark. (Sofia Durham-Hermosa)

    1. I'm so glad you shared this book with your mama!

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