Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Genie in a Bottle by: Sarah Mlynowski

Fairy Tales are stories that I enjoy reading and when there is a unique twist in the tale I love it even more.  Author Sarah Mlynowski in her series WHATEVER AFTER takes readers into fairly tales in which the heroes must fix the problems that they have created in order to insure a Happily Ever After for the fairy tale characters.

Genie in a Bottle is the Ninth book in the series and it is a good as the others.  Siblings, Jonah and Abby once again go through the magic mirror and find themselves in the middle of a game similar to dodge ball.  Abby ends up hurting another player in the game and that player is Aladdin.  Now he isn't in the street when the evil Dracul is looking for a child to go into the desert and get him the magic lamp of the genie.  Abby and Jonah end up going with Dracul in hopes that they can get the genie to Aladdin.  However, when Abby sets the genie free by mistake they must work even harder to get Aladdin to meet the princess.  They are able to meet a new genie that has limited powers but with her help and the flying carpet that Jonah loves they just might get the princess and Aladdin together to enjoy their Happily Ever After.

At the 2016 LA Times Book Festival I was able to meet the wonderful Sarah Mlynowski.  It is always fun meeting authors of books that I enjoy.

Happy Daily Reading
Me and Sarah Mlynowski

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