Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City by: Will Mabbitt

Author Will Mabbitt continues the adventures of Mabel Jones in his book Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City.  This time Maggie, Mabel's baby sister, has been taken by an evil witch.  Mabel must travel through the Forbidden City in order to rescue her sister.  Along the way she meets some old friends and makes a few new ones as well.  Can she make it through another daring adventure?

Let me tell you, YES she can!  Mabel is one girl that finds adventure everywhere she looks.  Luckily she is friends with pirates and some other unlikely heroes that help her in this quest to save her sister.  There are some amazing treasures too.  Can she keep her sights on saving her sister or will diamonds distract her too much?

I know that you will love this story as much as the first one.  I look forward to more Mabel Jones adventures.

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