Monday, May 30, 2016

The Lincoln Project by: Dan Gutman

Flashback Four is a new series by author Dan Gutman and the first in the series The Lincoln Project will have you eagerly waiting for book number two.

Luke, Julia, David and Isabel receive invitations from Chris Zandergoth (Miss Z) and even though they don't know who sent the invitation they are curious enough to go and learn more.  It is at Miss Z's company that the four meet for the first time and are surprised to learn that they have been selected to go back in time to get a photo of an American historical event.  Miss Z has invented a smart board that takes people back in time and she believes that children can get the job done better than adults.  Miss Z wants a photo of President Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.

Once the four arrive in Gettysburg it isn't as easy as they think it will be.  They arrive one day too early and they need to try to fit into the 1863 lifestyle.  Which is VERY different than life in 2016.  A couple of them are tempted to take an item or two from 1863 and bring it back to the future.  This cannot happen!   When President Lincoln gives his speech they must act fast, it is a short speech.   But, do they get the photo for Miss Z?  Miss Z is a collector of photos she believes that if you don't have a photo you don't have proof that the event really happened?  So, come along on a great adventure with the "Flashback Four" to see if they get the shot for Miss Z.  The adventure is worth it as you learn more about our history as well as enjoy the adventures of our four time travelers.

After Reading this book go and read some more about President Lincoln.

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