Saturday, May 7, 2016

Island of Dragons by: Lisa McMann

This is the seventh and final book in Lisa McMann's series THE UNWANTEDS.  I've been anxious to read this book and Island of Dragons did not disappoint me in any way.  If you have not read this series of books, I highly recommend them to you.

Aaron and Alex are together on the island of Artime.  They are bringing together the people of Quill and Artime into one community on the island.  Most of the residents of Quill are happy with the changes but there are a few that want the old Quill back.  Aaron is wanting to return to the island of Shipwrecks where he has found his personal peace and the company of three dear friends.  Alex agrees to take Aaron back but once they are on the island of Shipwrecks word comes that the pirates and the people of Warbler are getting ready to attach Artime.  This will be one huge battle and Alex will need all the help he can get.  Aaron agrees to go back and fight alongside Alex.

The people of Artime are outnumbered and their magic isn't working as good as it usually does.  The pirates really prepared themselves to be protected from the magic.  The creatures of the sea and the dragons come to help Artime but the real heroes will surprise you.

I loved this book, as well as all the previous six in the series.  If you enjoy fantasy and adventure this is the series you need to read.

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